OceanTech has supplied a whole range of systems to its clients.

SCADA Control Monitoring Systems


For offshore platforms, oil terminals, refieries, pipelines, gas water and other utility installations. Example


Remote Emergency Shutdown Systems


Dual redundant, and high reliability telemetry linking platforms, onshore facilities, floating production and storage units (FPSO's) and tankers.


Electrohydraulic Wellhead control systems


For onshore and offshore oil and gas fields, including remote and local autonomous control and well monitoring.


Load Monitoring Systems


For Single point mooring (SPMs), and jetties. These measure hawser and chain loads, wind and current data and can provide emergency shutdown to the subsea PLEM valves.


Pipeline Allocation and Sales Systems


These monitor inputs and outputs of single shared pipelines and reconcile oil or gas customers out take with the input from the supplier's oil or gas field. Oil or Gas Production Allocation and Reporting - an on-line solution


Subsea Wellhead Control Systems


Using 's Wellbouy floating control station for low cost exploration of marginal and satellite oil fields.