Remote Control of plant and machinery over long distances requires highly reliable communication systems, often operating in hostile environments. telemetry systems are built for just such requirements.

Turnkey Supply

Tanker T.T.L.

Shell And Esso's Tankers use Oceantech UHF telemetry for emergency shutdown whilst loading crude oil.

supply many of the world's petrochemical companies with specialist data communications systems.

systems are widely used for telemetry in offshore, petrochemical and utilities environments, particularly where secure and reliable data transmission is needed. For example:

Remote control of unmanned offshore platforms
Emergency shutdown of oil and gas installations
Monitoring and control in hazardous areas
Data transmission between remote sites

Remote telemetry units (RTU), gather field and plant data, and carry out local processing of signals. All data is regularly sampled and transmitted in serial form through the communication modem. An Master Telemetry Unit (MTU) polls each field RTU over the communication network for data. Up to 64 RTUs can be addressed by one MTU.

Tanker T.T.L.

Oceantech's System 4 telemetry is supplied for cost effective control of remote sites such as water treatment plants, and processing plants with a limited I/O capacity.

Cost Saving

By installing data telemetry at plant in remote areas, the cost of cabling and hookup of individual signal lines is removed. systems can operate in hazardous areas, saving costs of 'safe areas' and barriers.


Communications medium can be:

VHF/UHF radio up to 9600 baud
Line of sight microwave data (multichannel)
Fibre optic link
Serial data line

Communications can include speech and data channels.

provides consultancy services for the design and specification of communications media using the optimum designs of transceivers, antennas and frequencies.


Tanker T.T.L.

High reliability dual redundant system for remote emergency shut-down.

Communications have full geometric error detection, the telemetry units retain data until error free transmission is made. To ensure communications are made under conditions of fade and multipath effects the telemetry units make use of techniques of space diversity, dual path transmission and dual communications channel where necessary.

High Reliability Systems

Various levels of redundancy can be provided by including :

Zone 2 Certified by BASEEFA Ex (N)
Zone 1 Certified by BASEEFA Ex (D) (Flameproof)
Zone 1 Intrinsically safe, BASEEFA Ex (1b)

In addition all units are sealed against 100% humidity and water spray.

System Gateways

The MTU converts the serial communications data either to parallel status and analogue signals or to a serial protocol to communicate with a distributed control system (DCS) or with 's SCADA Master Station. Standard protocols allow communications with most manufacturer's DCS through PLC gateways.

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