OCEANTECH - Hardware

manufactures hardware for Distributed Control and SCADA systems:

Intrinsically Safe RTU/PLC

This unit can be installed directly inside a zone 1 hazardous area
Logic, mathematical and communication functions are standard. It can be networked with other units in a distributed system and be configured in dual redundant pairs.
Intrinsically safe radios are provided for cable-less communications.
See separate brochure for further details.


Ex(n) Certified RTU/PLC

These units are installed directly into Zone 2 hazardous areas. It is supplied in a ruggedised 19 inch rack-mountable enclosure. The unit has fault tolerance architecture and is infinitely expandable by the use of plug-in I/O cards. It is easily networked and can be configured in hot standby mode.
See separate brochure for further details.


Portable Telemetry Unit

This telemetry unit is hand held an battery powered. It is fitted with a telemetry radio and stub antenna. It's function is to listen in on RTU and MTU transmissions and displays process data on an LCD screen. Emergency ShutDown signals can be transmitted from the unit.
See separate brochure for further details.


System 4 RTU

Due to its high reliability and dual redundancy mode of operation, 's System 3 is used as remote Emergency ShutDown for Agip, BP, Esso, Shell and other major oil companies.

Simple telemetry outstations featuring custom design plant interfaces with standard 12I^2C bus structure. Designed for remote unattended sites with communication either over UHF radio or land line.
See separate brochure for further details.

System 3 Outstations

The System 3 RTU/PLC has been designed with a full suite of I/O cards to meet the needs of the petrochemical and utilities industries. Each RTU/PLC incorporates 8086 processor cells, and has the capacity of carrying out mathematical processes such as scaling, protocol conversion, alarm level comparison and other typical data processing requirements.
The system allows virtually unlimited expansion of I/O. The I/O cards plug directly into the processors bus.
See separate brochure for further details.


Control and monitoring extends to hazardous areas with wellhead areas and drill floors of offshore platforms. Refineries pharmaceutical factories, gas processing plants are other examples of where SCADAplus can be used to control activity in explosive atmospheres.

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