The SCADAplus concept allows a wide choice of system layout using centralised control or distributed intelligence, single or dual redundant architecture. Communications to out-stations are by landline, radio or microwave bearers.

Single plant control system
Wide area process control
multi site remote control system

Distributed Intelligence

Fault tolerant SCADA systems are a speciality of . Local field intelligence has considerable advantages over centralised processing and has PLC's and RTU's that take advantage of that concept. distributed control concepts provide a simple architecture of fault tolerance, and multi-user flexibility. Partial failures in these systems need not affect the operation of the rest of the SCADA system and plant as a whole. If communications between major hardware items are lost, the plant or process will continue to operate under local control.
Fully redundant hardware systems with hot standby facilities are an alternative to distributed control concepts. has produced many such systems and developed special hardware to control the change-over of the SCADA hardware.

Typical plant control station

Complete Supply

SCADAplus concept comprises a range of single and multi-user software products, designed for small to medium sized applications. A hardware product range is complemented by a consultancy, integration, design and a certification service. A project management team pulls all the skills together to form the robust solutions to SCADA applications.


SCADAplus will interface to many different 'Smart' devices through the Oceantech intelligent outstations. The device serial protocols can be translated into standard communications protocols to transmissions to the SCADA masterstation. This allows remote calibration, re-scaling and monitoring of serial devices.

's user interface mimics are designed to be an essential read-at-a-glance tool vital to the operation and the safety of the process.
Simple screen interactions for access up and down the displays, alarm monitoring, and inputting commands, are features of 's graphics software.
Multiple levels of password controlled data access ensures the right level of systems security.


The secure polling radio protocol RADNET is now in use in many locations all over the world, where a fast and highly secure transfer of data is required. The characteristics of software control of radio operation are maximised by this protocol. Other protocols such as MODBUS and MODBUSplus have been widely implemented on many of our projects where a common standard is preferred. is a member of the HART User Group and has developed HART(tm) and FIELDBUS protocol converters to interface to smart transmitters.

has developed special communication hardware interfaces for applications where difficult or unusual communications paths exist. Communications interfaces, through the following media are available :

land line
fibre optic cable
UHF and VHF telemetry radio
satellite communication
meteor burst long range communication

Information Management

A high risk area for a new SCADA installation is the interface to a client's existing management information system. Many systems are incompatible.

has considerable experience in transforming operational data to a clients existing database structure. Expertise also exists in open networks and industry specific protocols for communication. has, for instance, interfaced its system to most of the major Distributed Control Systems (DCS).

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