's Software Division has wide ranging skills in development of software systems for data gathering, processing, presentation, and process control. Of prime importance is the presentation of data in a user friendly manner to enable non-technical operators and supervising staff to monitor and control operations. Quality control and Documentation are essential.

has developed its own Software Management System to assure that all software is developed to high standards, using a top-down structured approach :
Initial Design
Software Specification
Software Strategy
Program Tree
Source Coding
Protocols and system interfaces have been developed to enable data transfer between Distributed Control Systems, SCADA systems and Communications media, whether land line, radio or microwave link. In addition, common standards such as MODBUS are supported.
The size and complexity of work under-taken demonstrate 's proven experience. Contracts involving many man years of software resource have been completed for clients such as Shell, Mobil and Arco. Smaller jobs also benefit from the same project control and management.
Standard hardware from manufacturers such as IBM and DEC is used for all master-station systems. A variety of intelligent workstations supporting high resolution graphics provide displays as follows :
Mimic Screens
Alarm Monitoring
Archiving and Reporting
Menu Driven Operator Access

Standard proprietary software packages can be enhanced to suit individual customer's requirements. Alternatively, packages can be developed for particular applications using 's own SCADAplus modular software.

's SCADA and telemetry outstation equipment provide a powerful local processing capability, while 's Intrinsically Safe Programmable Logic Controller provides monitoring and control capability including active 3 term control.

Languages in common use include C++, Visual Basic and various specific logic and macro languages. All software is object oriented in design.

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