Ocean Technical Systems is an innovator in the field of Supervisory Control and Monitoring systems. It has over 20 years experience of designing systems to meet client's exact requirements for control of major capital plant such as offshore oil platforms pipelines and refineries.

An enviable client list includes many major multi-national companies with installations spread from the UK to the Middle East and the Pacific Rim, demonstrating our ability to supply the right system on time and in budget.

Ocean Technical Systems is part of the plc Group. The companies represent a financially strong, diverse group with major interests in shipping, offshore contracting and communications.

Distributed Intelligence, Control and Instrumentation

Where other manufacturers are limited to equipment designed for factory and commercial environments, 's products and expertise goes beyond this to provide remote distributed systems to take control...
over radio and microwave links
into severe environmental conditions
into hazardous explosive atmospheres
philosophy is based around flexibility of hardware and adaptability of the systems concepts. The range of data acquisition units is proven in control and monitoring systems around the world.
In short an unrivalled mix of :
supervisory control station
remote and local data acquisition
communications media
environmental and hazardous area protection
supervisor display
dual redundant and high reliability systems

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