Control, monitoring and communications are 's business. The company has an unrivalled expertise in high reliability systems for offshore oil, gas and petrochemical plants.
Our systems expertise is used in :
Wellhead Electro-Hydraulic Control
Remote Emergency Shut-Down
Unmanned Platform Monitoring
Control-Room SCADA

Ocean Technical Systems Limited is part of the Plc Group, a supplier to the offshore industry since 1971. Group activity includes design of subsea structures, mooring systems, and wellhead control buoys.

Real-time control systems engineering is fundamental to our business. We supply a complete service from consultancy through design and development, to integration of the system and its commissioning. Further, we provide world-wide service backup through the lifetime of the installation.

All of our offshore systems use well proven equipment specifically designed for the offshore environment to ensure a long and reliable life in some of the most hazardous and environmentally challenging environments.

System Integration and Project Management

is a specialised systems integrator, with extensive experience of FPSO systems. It can :

provide independent advice on feasibility, system design and safety
integrate different manufacturers' equipment into a reliable overall system
operate as overall project managers

Typical installations would include:

SCADA or DCS control systems
Communications networks
Fire and Gas systems
Emergency Shut-Down systems

Our staff come from a wide technical background, including control system engineering, software and I.T., naval architecture, process engineering and mooring design. They bring to bear a highly talented and relevant expertise in control communications and monitoring.


Control Systems Software

's SCADAplus™ suite covers dual and single redundant workstations, graphical user interfaces, communications and local processing, all on one seamless package. The system has been specifically tailored to link to other manufacturers' product interfaces and protocols as well as Ethernet and radio.


A strong feature of all systems is the broad range of communications engineering that is available. On a protocol level, 's RADNET™ offers the ultimate in time-efficient data package networking. It has very high levels of error checking. RADNET™ operates throughout the vessel or fibre-optic or data cables.

RADNET™ is also employed for radio links to communicate ESD and other signals from the vessel, and across the turret. UHF of spread-spectrum radios are used. Satellite communications are used for over the horizon communications.


has a substantial expertise in tension measurement and this has particular relevance to the FPSO. It can be applied to the hawser load monitoring, turret monitoring, and to structural monitoring of the vessel. has 20 years experience of designing tension monitors to survive subsea.

Remote Controllers

System 3 is a modular field controller for SCADA and DCS systems. It is designed for dual or single redundant use. Even is single redundant mode reliability and availability figures a re very high. System 3 is approved for use in Zone 2 hazardous areas. It is commonly used for process control, and flow measurement. It is also used when high local processing power, or stand-alone operation is important.

A similair outstation, ISRTU, is certified for Zone 1 hazardous areas. It allows local processing and control in potentially explosive atmospheres, wellhead, turret, swivel, and shipboard processing areas. Intelligence is therefore distributed around the vessel.

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