Minimise Capital and Operational Costs for Sub-Sea Stepouts


The Wellbuoy replaces sea bed umbilical controls to sub-wells. It is designed as a cost effective method for the exploitation of stepouts and marginal field developments.

Provides wellhead control, monitoring and chemical injection
No costly and vulnerable sea bed control lines from a host platform
Simple to install and maintain
Re-deployable asset at the end of field life
Designed to Shell, North Sea, standards and Lloyds approved

Wellbuoy is a large wave-riding buoy anchored close to the subsea wellheads. It contains the electro-hydraulic system for well control and chemical injection tanks. Power generation is from an on-board diesel engine. The Wellbuoy communicates with the host process platform by means of high-integrity dual radio links. Local intelligence on the Wellbuoy permits autonomous operation. Endurance is designed to be for four years without refuelling with planned maintenance visits twice a year.

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