System Three is a highly secure means of transferring both data and commands between multiple remote sites and a central control location, with real time data processing and display facilities. This third generation equipment incorporates ten years experience in supplying offshore telemetry equipment. Its features include these listed here.

Designed For Unattended Offshore Use

In extreme environmental conditions, incorporating military standard enclosures, shock mountings, humidity control, and pre-tested ceramic components.

Certified For Use In Hazardous Areas

Certification by BASEEFA Ex 'N' to BS 4683 Part 3 For Zone 2 areas. A flameproof Ex'd version is available for Zone 1 applications.

Low Power Consumption

CMOS technology enables long term operation from batteries and/or solar panels.

Ease Of Maintenance

Self diagnostic checks and independent watchdog hardware at outstations raises alarms at the Base Station if faults develop. RTU operation can be checked without unsealing the unit using the built in diagnostic lamps and test panel. Modular plug-in construction used throughout.

Single Frequency Operation

A Multi outstation system can operate (semi-duplex) on only one frequency in the VHF and UHF bands. Full duplex operation and multi frequency options are available.

Repeater Facility

In the event of loss of communications between two stations, the system can automatically enlist the assistance of a third station to act as a message repeater without requiring additional radio frequencies.


Local intelligence in outstations, and control stations permits data reduction, arithmetic calculations, reporting by exception, and client specified features to be incorporated.


Remote Units, and Portable Units use the same four printed circuit cards greatly reducing spares holdings and simplifying maintenance and staff training.

Service Back Up

OTS has local service Capability through associated companies in Indonesia, Singapore and Abu Dhabi. Training of clients' personnel is also undertaken.

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