Remote Telemetry Units


Forming part of 's SCADA and Data Telemetry Systems, the Remote Telemetry Units transfer data and commands between multiple remote sites and a central location. The units are modular to give great flexibility in processing power, input/out capability and operating environment.

Expandable I/O

The system allows virtually unlimited expansion of I/O. The I/O cards plug directly into 'Muxbus', the processors bus, and the system automatically senses the types of cards in use.

High Integrity Architecture

The 'Muxbus' architecture gives great flexibility in monitoring and controlling plant interface, and up to 16 I/O cards share a single IIOC processor. Multiple processor cells communicate over a high speed serial data highway.
Plant interface cards incorporate A to D conversion, multiplexing and address decoding. Any combination of analogue, status and control cards can share the bus. Internal self test is carried out prior to each intercard transfer, correct operation of this and the processors watchdog facility can be reported to the master telemetry station.


The processor support serial communications, protocol conversion, and multiplexing, and allowing the RTU to operate as a stand alone controller for local tasks. Full PID loop control as well as sequential control is available.


Multiple processor units offer dual redundancy capability if required. The processor is available in industrial or Mil Spec components for added reliability. An engineers front panel allows monitoring voltages and status of each input output without opening the unit. LED status lamps on each card give diagnostic capability visible through the transparent, sealed, front cover.


Serial communication ports permit high level links with Smart transmitters, flow computers, and distributed control systems. For radio telemetry, the modem incorporates a UHF and VHF transceiver running at up to 9600 baud.

Severe Environments

Cabinets and enclosures are designed for splash zone environment on offshore platforms. The case is sealed to IP65 and fitted with a breathing dessicator, but retains front panel diagnostics capability. The card frame has shock and antivibration mounting.

Hazardous Areas

the RTU is designed to operate in hazardous areas and can be supplied certified for Zone 2, Ex N.
For Zone 1 applications the RTU can be supplied as a flame proof version carrying BASEEFA Certification Ex D or an intrinsically safe RTU/PLC is available certified Ex iB. (See separate brochure. (LINK!!))

Solar Power

The RTU is designed for low current consumption using CMOS circuitry, particularly for remote locations. Solar or wind power units can be supplied.


Plant Interface Cards

 Digital Input 32 channels per card

 Digital Output 32 channels per card

 Command Output 16 channels per card

 Analogue Input 16 channels per card

 Analogue Output 16 channels per card

 Pulse Count 16 channels per card

 Universal Interface Card

 Thermocouple Input 8 channels per card


 Full of half duplex

 1200 to 9600 baud

 Speech Facility

 Integral UHF/VHF and modem option


 12/24V DC or 110/220V AC

 Low power consumption circuitry

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