High reliability equipment is essential for safety related systems. equipment has reliability designed in, and together with its highly sophisticated diagnostic routines offers very high availability figures.

systems are used by major North Sea operators for remote emergency shutdown systems, (ESD), on:

 unmanned production platforms

 floating production units

 tanker loading facilities

High reliability systems are available as single or dual redundant units based on System 3 modular data telemetry equipment. System 3HR equipment features:

 high reliability ceramic or Milspec components

 de-rated component application

 circuit and system temperature

Dual Redundant Systems

Duplicated telemetry channels run in a master/hot standby mode.
Each channel continuously monitors the other channel processor and telemetry functions.
An arbiter makes decisions on channel operation and switches channels on output signals accordingly.

Various levels of dual redundancy are possible.

 Totally duplicated end to end links including i/o sensors and actuators

 Duplicated processors with dual dedicated telemetry channels

 Single processors with multiple communication paths, land line, radio or fibre optic line

Secure Telemetry Links

Using the radio/modem card the masterstation communicates with outstation at data rates up to 9600 baud. The communication protocol is designed to give a very high error detection rate, combined with efficient serial data transfer protocols.

Radio Telemetry

A masterstation can control multiple outstations using radio polling telemetry. To further increase transmission security, techniques using spatially diverse antennas and repeater stations can be used. Radio telemetry is available for VHF, UHF or microwave, dependant on the channel requirements and inner-site distances.

System Interfaces

Serial outputs to distributed control systems.

 The masterstation interfaces to Distributed Control Systems (DCS) using standard gateways running MODBUS or similar protocol.

 Local parallel digital and analogue outputs are available for local ESD panels

  master station SCADA work stations provide stand alone ESD control and monitoring using IBM or Digital terminals

Field Interfaces

HART and Fieldbus serially connected pressure and temperature transmitters interface directly with outstations allowing reprogramming of parameters for the control room.
Unlimited parallel input/output is available using System 3HR modular i/o cards.

 Analogue Inputs/Outputs

 Status Inputs/Outputs

 Pulse Inputs

 Command Outputs (with status feed back)

Hazardous Areas Systems

Outstations with EEx(ib) approval are available for Zone 1 hazardous areas or Ex(N) suitable for Zone 2 hazardous areas. In both cases, integral radios are included in the certification.

Uninterruptible Supplies

's System 3HR is designed for low power consumption and outstations can successfully operate on solar or wind power if required.
Systems may be supplied with dual redundant power units or battery backed power.


Plant Interface

 Digital input 32 channels per card

 Digital output 32 channels per card

 Command output 32 channels per card

 Analogue input 16 channels per card

 Analogue output 16 channels per card

 Pulse count 16 channels per card

 Universal interface card

 Thermocouple input 8 channels per card

 RS 485 serial lines


 Full or half duplex

 1200 to 9600 baud

 Speech Facility

 Integral Modem

 UHF radio option

 Land line driver

 Fibre optic driver


 12/24V DC or 110/220V AC

 Low power consumption circuitry


 IP66 rugged enclosure

 IP65 portable enclosure (includes H2S filters)

 IP42 rack mounted chassis

Hazardous Area Option

 Ex(N) II T6

 EEx (ib) T4 (LINK!!!!)

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